free organisation designed for streambox enthusiasts - vectordroid 2015
about us The Vectordroid group is an online organisation which revolves around "smart" android devices which are used to replace the "smart TV" services. A dedicated android tv website which welcomes users from around the world to take part in the future of portable streaming technology. "VECTORDROID" is a name defined by the android direction and its progression in to more complex platforms engineered to provide the next generation of TV services. Android enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to share experiences and knowledge with other members. The goal of the site is to provide a free global discussion hub but at rhe same time offer amazing products, service and repair work for anyone who needs it. At Vectodroid the focus is "Android" and its ability to provide feature rich entertainment in the comfort of your own home. The future has arived and its about to get interesting. Buckle up and get ready for the ride.
what do we offer? This site offers many products and services to its members. The benefit of being a member to this site is purchasing products at a super discount rate because its a virtual organisation and not a local one. This means there are no over heads nor other expenses which would inflate sale prices. We provide items for very low costs and offer a maintenance program which is unmatched by our competitors.     All our units are quality control tested     All products have a minimum of 1 year warranty     All products have the capacity to extend warranty periods     Free 6 months remote control maintenance     Free help and support     Super fast response time
  OUR PROMISE Super Low Prices on all Our Products Free Help and Support Full 1 Year Warranty Extended Warranty Available Free 6 Months Remote Maintenance Quick eMail Response Times Free Software Installations Free Unit Firmware Upgrades XBMC / KODI Professionals Installations Service Repair Workshop Automatic Notifications for New    Applications and Configurations Access Tons of Archived Tutorials Stay Up To Date With The Latest News   Features Regarding Android Remote Assistance Provided For all Free Promotional Gifts
RECOVERY SERVICE * Unbrick Service * Black Screen Recovery * Motherboard Repairs * UART Recovery * Jump Start Recovery *Magic SD Boot Recovery *MBOX  Firmware Upgrades * Matricom Firmware Upgrades * Openelec Firmware Upgrades * NAND Cleaning * Free Diagnosis *No Fix, No Fee Guarantee PRICES FROM €14 contact us for details
REMOTE ACCESS SERVICE * Remote Access in Any Country * KODI/XBNC Re-installation *KOD/XBNC Version Upgrades * Android Application Repair * Android Components for P2P Sreaming *Unblock / Removing Junk from Apps *Optmization for Live Sreaming * Free Diagnosis No Fix, No Fee Guarantee PRICES FROM €14 contact us for details